City of San Antonio Economic Development

The Culture of Business

Industry Development

The Economic Development Department’s Industry Development Division assists start-up ventures, existing businesses and those relocating to San Antonio with expansion needs. The Industry Development Division offers local, state or federal financial incentives in the form of tax credits, grants, low interest loans, tax exemptions, training funds or programs and reduced utility costs to attract and cultivate target industries.

Our goal is to grow your investment by lowering tax impact of state, federal, local taxes, development fees and other workforce and development costs. We offer flexible economic development grants, fee waivers, and tax exemptions to help attract, retain and/or expand companies in targeted industries, including green tech, clean tech, corporate and regional headquarters.

The Economic Development Department has a briefing team made up of businesses professionals who will point you in the right direction to get your company up and running, as quickly as possible. Our briefing team can advise you on available incentives, streamline site-selection, construction and renovation options.

The Economic Development Department:

  • Assists development projects at and around military bases, particularly those bases affected by Base realignment and closure, such as Fort Sam Houston and Lackland Air Force Base
  • Promotes development projects at educational institutions, and other nongovernmental institutions which create jobs and support growth in the targeted industries
  • Promotes commercial and mixed-use development projects in targeted areas, particularly in the Downtown area
  • Attracts new corporate or regional headquarters to the Downtown area or the retention and/or expansion of an existing corporate or regional headquarters into the Downtown area
  • Promotes multi-family, market rate housing Downtown to stimulate development and investment in distressed areas

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