City of San Antonio Economic Development

The Culture of Business

Economic Development Highlights in Fiscal Year 2016

The Economic Development Department had another successful year and we are proud to present our achievements. These accomplishments are driven by vision and leadership from our Mayor and City Council.

The report below reflects the hard work of the staff in our department, as it presents a year-end summary and highlights of our accomplishments for Fiscal Year 2016 throughout our four strategic areas of Industry Development, International Relations, Workforce Development and Small Business Development.

Some recruitment projects included bringing Indo-MIM to the renewed area of Port San Antonio and General Motors Financial Company which is a supplement to AmeriCredit Financial Services to our city. There was also a focus to help grow the Tech District downtown through projects like relocating the headquarter of Easy Expunctions, the expansions of Dialpad and Liquid Web and also having SAEDC invest in Parlevel Systems and Help Social.

San Antonio, along with Austin and other cities in Central Texas, were able to secure the seventh Americas Competitiveness Exchange Program that will be held in April 2017, making it a priority to work together with our regional partners to ensure greater future economic success.

Some international highlights include our international relationship building efforts in countries such as Germany, Mexico, Japan, India, and Spain, which included a few major trade missions, a celebration of the signing of an economic development cooperation agreement with Mexico City and the 20th Anniversary of our CASA San Antonio office, signing a new Friendship City agreement with Darmstadt, Germany and helping two Sister Cities (Chennai and Kumamoto) in their time of need.

There was also a lot of work to integrate workforce development initiatives through SA Works and we renovated our small business development efforts through carefully listening to outside allies.

We hope you find FY 2016 Year-End Summary and Highlights to be an informative review of the Economic Development Department’s most significant activities and accomplishments.

We look forward to continuing to serve our community in 2017 as we improve on the past, focus on the present and plan for the future!


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