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– Biomedicine products manufacturer attracts international investment –

SAN ANTONIO, TX (June 7, 2016) – San Antonio-based INCELL Corporation today announced a joint venture with a Belgian investment group formed by WISETREE Invest and 4 FOR CELLS forming a new company, BioTurnKey.

The investors reviewed 70 companies worldwide and INCELL Corporation was chosen as the best in class for regenerative medicine to support an innovative approach to accelerate the development and manufacturing of regenerative and personalized medicine products and services through a menu of pre-packaged and customized options that cater to the needs of individual patients, healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics and other companies.

The new partnership will spur growth for INCELL in San Antonio, with short term plans to add 50 new jobs in its current location, hundreds of potential jobs in new companies and with the expected substantial future growth as BioTurnKey grows its client base in Texas, the US and internationally.

“INCELL has been building a strong foundation of quality systems, innovative technologies and platforms to manufacture and test human cell and tissue therapy products, drugs, vaccines and specialty solutions for more than 23 years,” said Dr. Mary Pat Moyer, CEO and Chief Science Officer of INCELL, and CSO for BioTurnKey. “INCELL has also contributed to growing San Antonio and Texas education and workforce efforts in biotechnology. Our INCELL team is excited about combining our company’s unique capabilities with the BioTurnKey vision for accelerated development, manufacturing and international regulatory harmonization that will bring new opportunities and products to meet the clinical needs of our world family.”

BioTurnKey’s unique business model will reduce the time and cost it takes new and innovative tissue, cell, device, and drug products to reach the consumer market.

Traditionally it may take up to 10 years, sometimes more, to bring a new product to market. The BioTurnKey model should reduce that time by at least 50 percent. Certain types of products could go to market or start being tested in as little as a few months. BioTurnKey investments, services or startups will be spun out as independent companies from INCELL’s technology, or other entities, with INCELL product development and manufacturing expertise providing core business accelerator support with BioTurnKey.

This represents great potential for new bioscience companies to locate in San Antonio, as well as startups to grow and mature out of INCELL.
Founded in 1993, INCELL is a women-owned small business that now employs 25 people and many consultant scientists and clinical professionals in its San Antonio manufacturing, product development, testing and research facility. In 2008, The City of San Antonio awarded INCELL an economic development grant which assisted in expanding and upgrading INCELL’s local manufacturing capabilities.

San Antonio’s Business Retention & Expansion (BRE) Team, led by the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF) and consisting of leadership from City of San Antonio, Bexar County, CPS Energy, SAWS, and others, has been assisting INCELL with its San Antonio growth plans. The BRE Program is focused on assisting local companies, in select industry sectors, grow, create jobs, and prosper in San Antonio.
“INCELL is an innovative, home grown company that is making San Antonio globally competitive in the field of regenerative medicine,” said Michele Boggs, Vice President of

Business Retention & Expansion, SAEDF. “The SAEDF, partnering with BioMed SA and other members of the BRE Team, are committed to assisting INCELL in growing its Advanced Technology Manufacturing and specialized workforce to meet the needs of its growing clientele.”

INCELL Corporation LLC ( was formed in 1993 by Dr. Mary Pat Moyer, Founder, CEO and Chief Science Officer. The company is registered as a GMP manufacturer for human cell and tissue therapy products, drugs, and medical devices. INCELL provides contract manufacturing, product development, testing and research services for other companies and for personalized medicine. Located at 12734 Cimarron Path, San Antonio, TX 78249, INCELL is a manufacturer and contract services provider with expertise that includes regenerative medicine products, media solutions, reagents, molecular and microbiology products, compounded drugs and combination products. INCELL is affiliated with 4RMED, a newly formed Texas clinical studies and management company.

About the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF)
The San Antonio Economic Development Foundation is a private, non-profit organization responsible for attracting new business and industry to San Antonio. The organization is responsible for the recruitment of over 400 companies that collectively employ more than 100,000 San Antonians. For more information on SAEDF, visit SAEDF, or follow us on Twitter @SanAntonioEDF.

“WISETREE”, as Wisetree Invest, incorporated in 2015 in Europe, and the Middle East, is an Operational Holding Company specialized in Life Sciences and focused on niche segments to
bridge the gap between smart ideas, lean operation and disciplined execution with a team of dedicated professionals with highest standards of business WisetreeInvest SA has its registered office at Novalis Science Park, rue de la science 8, 6900 Aye, Belgium, and a second location as WisetreeInvest Ltd, Registration IC20150853, having its registered office at PO Box 33964, Dubai, The United Arab Emirates.

“4 FOR CELLS”. Since its incorporation in 2010 by a team of experts in Cell Therapy aims at supporting, through advice and funding, cell therapy companies. Its management, with over 50 years of experience in manufacturing, product development, consulting and funding, includes opinion leaders that sit on the Boards of Directors or Scientific Advisory Boards of 15+ companies. 4 FOR CELLS SA has its registered office at Novalis Science Park, Rue de la science 8, 6900 Aye, Belgium.

John Ellis, SAEDF

Gisela Girard


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