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SAN ANTONIO, TX (April 4, 2016) – On Monday April 4,more than 30 local companies, city, county and regional partners gathered for the official launch of the Alliance’s Export Management Program Sponsored by JPMorgan Chase. The Export Management Program is a one-year customized program designed to help local companies begin or increase their exporting activity. The program promises to take the companies through a series of steps including a one day intensive export boot camp which will prepare each company to craft an export plan for itsproduct. Each company will have a series of one-on-one meetings with export professionals to identify new markets as well as prepare for the program’s two trade missions to Mexico and one other market deemed the best fit the product.

The program is the outworking of the 2013 San Antonio Exports Plan, the goal of which is to capture the benefits of increased exports by creating a more diverse and export oriented economy in San Antonio. The Exports Plan was developed through the Global Cities Initiative, a five-year project of the Brookings Institution and JPMorgan Chase to help leaders of metropolitan American cities to strengthen their regional economies by becoming more competitive in foreign direct investment and exporting.

The Export Plan found that of the companies surveyed those not currently involved in exporting showed disinterest in starting due to a lack of knowledge about the opportunities in foreign markets and a lack of familiarity with the exporting process. As a result, nearly one-third of all companies surveyed were more interested in expansion within the U.S than in exploring international markets.

José E. Martinez, President and CEO of Free Trade Alliance San Antonio said “Our own 20-year experience in international business tells us that many of our local companies see exporting as risky, expensive and complicated. Our Export Management Program was developed with this in mind. We want to make the process as straight-forward as possible and reduce the risk”. Martinez further explained that the program brings together the best experts in international business to guide the companies and added, “the program is research and data driven. We don’t just go to markets because we know them. We use the data to guide us in selecting the markets that best fit the companies’ products”.

At the launch event, which took place at the International Center in downtown San Antonio, the first five local companies that were selected into the program were presented.

Mayor Ivy Taylor and Judge Nelson Wolff were on hand to share their vision of the Export Management Program and how it fits into San Antonio’s overall strategy to achieve economic growth.

“We are encouraged by the Free Trade Alliance’s success in identifying the first five participants in the Export Management Program. Export is a key economic development activity within our community’s Industry Retention and Expansion program,” said Mayor Ivy R. Taylor. “It is our desire to help companies export their goods and services in order to diversify and grow their global market share. If we can help businesses grow their market, it will in turn increase their ability to grow jobs and investment in San Antonio.”

Morris Camp, Managing Director, of JPMorgan Chase, San Antonio expressed the enthusiasm of the JPMorgan Chase at supporting this effort.

The Alliance also took the opportunity to give a brief demonstration of one of its key software programs that would be used to help identify the most suitable international markets for each company’s selected product.


Contact: Carlos Jarquin / / p. (210) 239-1218/ m. (210) 331-1428

 Free Trade Alliance San Antonio works to position San Antonio as the hub for international business in the South Texas region. Formed in 1995, the Alliance is a member-based organization. The Alliance brings together both public and private entities and coordinates the combined resources of members and partners to promote foreign direct investment, export development, and to advocate on issues that affect international business in the region


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