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2016 Proposed SBEDA Ordinance Amendments

2016 Proposed SBEDA Ordinance Amendments

In December 2015, City Council adopted the Disparity Study which showed the City of San Antonio has made great progress in creating opportunities for minority- and women-owned businesses, but barriers related to race and gender remain. To address these barriers, the City will be vetting a variety of policy options to strengthen the SBEDA Ordinance that are designed to reduce the disparity found in the San Antonio Marketplace.

An electronic copy of the proposed SBEDA amendments is available. Any comments regarding these amendments should be submitted to by April 15, 2016.

[Please note that this deadline has been extended from the original date]

A hard copy version of the proposed amendments is available for review at the Economic Development Department on the 19th floor of the Frost Bank Building, 100 W. Houston Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78205.

To view the complete SBEDA Policy Matrix that references current programs, policies, and proposed amendments, click here.

Please contact Michael Sindon with the City’s Economic Development Department with questions at (210) 207-3922 or

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