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City of San Antonio and Partners Striving to Evolve San Antonio’s Economic Development Delivery System through Strategic Plan

City of San Antonio and Partners Striving to Evolve San Antonio’s Economic Development Delivery System through Strategic Plan

 Plan concentrates on five key verticals with emphasis on core and targeted industries

SAN ANTONIO (Feb. 12, 2016) – The City of San Antonio has once again partnered with the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation (SAEDF) for economic development services in the area of marketing, industry recruitment, and industry retention and expansion. The FY 2016 agreement will have one new feature – SAEDF’s role as the lead convener of Forefront San Antonio (Forefront SA), the community strategic plan for economic development. In this role, SAEDF will convene economic development partners to enhance responsiveness to targeted industry leadership in five key areas: business attraction; business retention and expansion (BRE); entrepreneurial development; workforce development; and collaboration.

“Economic development is a team sport, and this strategy puts a focus on ensuring that all economic development partners in San Antonio work together in these core areas of economic development service delivery to support targeted industry leadership,” said City Manager Sheryl Sculley. “The City is partnering with SAEDF to implement Forefront SA, which, at its core, is a continuous improvement process in how our community coordinates, plans, and executes economic development services.”

Forefront SAis the culmination of recommendations of a 2009 City Council-appointed task force led by USAA’s Wayne Peacock and David Zachary of Zachary Construction. The task force recommendedthat a formalmeans of collaboration was needed to ensure the success of San Antonio’s economic development, which led the City of San Antonio to enter into a five-year, $2.5 million agreement with SAEDF.

Throughout the five-year agreement, 107 companies and 19,733 jobs were brought to San Antonio, for which 6,832 were considered high-wage jobs. While this agreement recently expired, the City has decided to extend this agreement through the end of 2016, for which the City is contracting SAEDF to provide all previous services, while additionally taking on the responsibility to implement Forefront SA.

The City has continued to pay SAEDF $500,000 in 2016 with the additional responsibility of being the lead convener to ensure the strategy and tactics put forth in Forefront SA are implemented,” said Economic Development Director Rene Dominguez. ”We find ourselves in an very important time of economic development evolution and this year’s agreement with SAEDF will ensure we continue to improve how we coordinate in our pursuit of more and better jobs for our community over the next five years.”

Forefront SA is a living document. San Antonio economic development partners and leaders within the targeted and core industries will meet monthly to evaluate, plan, and execute tactics towards a better San Antonio.

One San Antonio

Diverse, internationally connected and globally competitive, San Antonio has a vibrant culture and economy and is consistently ranked among the fastest-growing cities in the United States. America’s seventh-largest city offers opportunities in industries ranging from bioscience, financial services, aerospace, cybersecurity, energy and transportation manufacturing to healthcare. We are “Military City USA,” home to crucial military commands supported by a patriotic citizenry. We welcome 31 million visitors annually who inject $13.4 billion annually into our economy, and UNESCO recently designated the city’s Spanish colonial missions as a World Heritage Site. Celebrating its 300th anniversary in 2018, San Antonio is a city with a storied past and an even brighter future. For more information, visit


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