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A Breakdown of Some of San Antonio’s Most Creative Start-ups

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San Antonio is home to a wide array of start-up companies, companies that are unique just like the city they chose to start in. Here is a break down of just a few.

TrueAbility: Technology is a modern industry, a constantly evolving industry that is always open to change. When you work in an industry like that, paper resume’s can feel a little outdated. That’s why TrueAbility decided to create what they call a “Talent Showcase” in order for companies to have a clear representation of a future employee’s skills. The process is simple, Job candidates can check what technical skills they have whether it be MySQL, Apache, Linux, etc. and recruiters can easily search through candidates by the skills their position requires. TrueAbility boasts a 66% decrease in the amount of time it takes to hire a qualified employee and the ability to rank candidates by how well they match up to the desired position.

Parlevel: Vending Machines have been around forever, and while seemingly simple, they require a large amount of maintenance. Parlevel seeks to revolutionize the market by installing hardware in vending machines that will keep track of your investment in real time. They provide merchandising intelligence so you can analyze what products are selling in certain locations, and behave accordingly. Products that might be selling well will run out quickly so it’s important to keep them in stock, Parlevel also keeps tabs on the quantity of each product you have left, so you can make sure to deliver more, if need be.

Kirpeep: “Keep it real, people”, that’s what the name stands for and the motto the company tries to stay true to. Kirpeep markets itself as a website where people can buy, sell or even trade products. The last option being what sets them apart from other craigslist-type sites. While other sites have a trade/barter option, Kirpeep actually takes it one step further and allows you to trade services for other services. For instance, if you were a piano teacher who wanted to expand your business by creating a website you could potentially barter piano lessons for a computer programmer who could write code for your website.

Airstrip Technologies: Airstrip provides mobile technologies to healthcare institutions who want to take their business into the 21st century. From a mobile device Airstrip can connect doctors to patients before the patient even arrives in the hospital. Life-saving information, like past history and vital signs are available to doctors at the push of a button so that no time is wasted in ensuring the healthcare of the patient. Also, because the technology is available on many mobile platforms, doctors can monitor patients anywhere at anytime.

Admittance Technologies: Admittance is a healthcare related company which focuses on improving the lives of those with cardiac diseases. Through electrical engineering technology Admittance can gather data about a persons blood volumes, and overall cardiac stability in order to gauge the risk that a patient might have in the future. Admittance also provides pacemaker technology that can actually correct the flow of blood that the heart might be pumping in real time, intelligent technology that before now did not exist and could drastically improve the lives of many people.

Whether it’s healthcare or retail, unique start-up’s like these are what set San Antonio apart from it’s competition.


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