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Budapest, Hungary: in front of the Parliament

Budapest, Hungary: in front of the Parliament

Hey there,

I’m the newest writer here for the Economic Development department and I wanted to make a quick introduction.  First off, my name’s Alex Raisch and I’m a senior economics student at the University of Texas at Austin.  In the past I have worked for an independent start up company and in the information technology department of my University.  What I really enjoy is learning and understanding how businesses operate and that is what drove me to work for a start up and why I chose economics as my specialty.

I enjoy understanding how businesses think, so microeconomics has always been something of interest to me but after a month backpacking through Europe I began to think more about the bigger picture:  International business and macroeconomics, two things that I find deeply fascinating. It was in Europe that I began to notice the differences in every countries economic structure. In that month, I chose to travel into many Eastern European countries as well, where I began to see even larger differences.  Factors like unemployment and international investors were so different in every country even though the countries themselves were so close together. As an American I had really never experienced such a wide variety of social and political changes within such a small distance.

When I came back I was offered an internship here at the Economic Development office and I have really enjoyed it, I  look forward to helping write for this page and keep San Antonio economically strong.

Alex Raisch

Alex Raisch on Twitter

Alex Raisch on Linked In


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