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Welcome to startups iBridge and Theracle!

San Antonio is proud to be the home of two new biomedical startups!  Both were part of InCube Lab’s incubator program and maintain its goal of dramatically improving patient outcomes and extended care by creating new ways to manage chronic illnesses.

Theracle will make an implantable drug-device hybrid system to treat gliomas, one of the most deadly forms of brain cancer.

The second company, iBridge Medical is developing a system for wirelessly monitoring and managing patients’ implanted medical devices.

This is great news for the long term development of San Antonio’s biomedical industry.  These companies are still young and small, but once they move into clinical trials and full commercialization they should grow rapidly. Afterall, KCI, Novartis, and Medtronic were small companies at one point!

For a full announcement see the San Antonio Business Journal.




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