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Rackspace Launches Open Cloud Academy in San Antonio

open cloud academyNew research, including a survey of 1300 companies commissioned by Rackspace, the open cloud company, has found that more than half of organizations’ cloud deployments are being hampered by a shortage of cloud computing skills.

The research, conducted by Manchester Business School and Vanson Bourne, found that two thirds (66 per cent) of companies surveyed are now looking to increase their IT skills to the levels required to manage cloud computing deployments.

However, 56 per cent were not aware of any courses that enable IT professionals to up-skill for the cloud era.

The survey of 1300 organizations in the UK and US[1] also revealed:

  • 42 per cent of organizations have had to hire IT professionals specifically for their cloud computing skills
  • 43 per cent of companies are finding it difficult to find IT professionals with cloud computing skills
  • 79 per cent reported that universities and colleges need to incorporate cloud IT skills into any relevant syllabuses they offer

Bridging the gap

To address these shortfalls in both skills and training, Rackspace Hosting has today opened the doors to its Open Cloud Academy by launching a pilot training program. The Open Cloud Academy is an educational program designed to provide students with affordable IT certifications, specifically around open cloud technologies.

As the open cloud company, Rackspace fully understands the importance of a cloud-competent workforce, having launched the largest commercially-operated open cloud platform based on OpenStack in 2012. Rackspace is taking considerable measures to bridging the IT skills gap by not only offering internal training to current employees, but now offering these courses externally.

“The cloud era represents a huge opportunity and it requires a specific, and critical skill set for this to be fully realized.  As cloud adoption increases, companies stand to reduce IT costs and become more agile, however, with not enough people properly trained in these cutting edge technologies, organizations are missing the boat,” said Graham Weston Rackspace Chairman.   “The Open Cloud Academy can help turn the tide by offering highly sought after technical training to the public, bolstering the this scarce pipeline and helping fill the countless number of roles in San Antonio and beyond.”

In addition, the Open Cloud Academy will have a focus on former military and university graduates and aims to help trainees get the IT certifications that matter to employers, learning in weeks what it sometimes takes others years to master.

“Pursuing a career in the technology field is a smart choice for me, and not one I decided on by whim. With the state of the economy and the hardships facing most Americans, I wanted to work in a field where I could count on a living wage,” said Nicholas Hamilton, Open Cloud Academy pilot student. “In addition to the high paying nature of most tech-related and cloud computing jobs, technology in general is not a perishable commodity or a fad. Yes, the field moves at the speed of light, but well trained and motivated individuals that can move with it will always be in demand and the skills I’m gaining from Open Cloud Academy should help me secure my future.”

Rackspace today invites interested parties of all technical skill levels to visit its website for more information now,

[1] 650 in the UK and 650 in the US


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